How to Use Zeolite Healing Crystals for Purification

Zeolites are healing stones for detoxification and purification. Zeolite healing crystals are used to purify the body and the mind, and they can also be used to detoxify the environment. The mineral group zeolites includes several varieties, such as apophyllite, heulandites, stilbite, okenite, prehnite and chabazite.

What Are Zeolites?

There are more than 40 naturally occurring types of zeolite. Zeolites are formed when alkaline groundwater reacts with volcanic rock. The crystals are formed in the cavities of the rock over thousands of years. Zeolites are often used commercially to purify water.

Healing Properties

One of the most common uses for zeolite healing crystals is in detoxification. They are believed to remove toxins from the body in both the physical sense and the metaphysical sense. On the physical level they can help to detoxify the body in cases of substance addictions. Zeolites can also detoxify the environment and they are sometimes placed in the garden or on an agricultural site to clear the earth of toxins.

Zeolite healing crystals can be used in any detoxification process and they may even be used to absorb odors. These healing crystals may also be used to get rid of negative energy and to create a more positive atmosphere in a place or around a person. They can be useful during energy healing treatments (such as Reiki) as they are believed to enhance the healing response during the treatment. Many crystals are known for their ability to stimulate healing and to make a healing treatment more effective, and you can combine zeolites with other healing stones.

Different Types

As well as having common healing properties as a group, different types of zeolites have their own specific healing properties. Stilbites are used to increase psychic abilities, apophyllites are used to increase spiritual energies and heulandites are used to help a person break mental limits. In certain cultures in Asia zeolites are also thought to increase general wellbeing and health.

If you want to use zeolite healing crystals at home, use them to help in any type of detoxification. Use zeolites whenever you want to get rid of toxins in the body or toxic energy in the mind. Use them to clear your home of negative energy or bury the crystals in the garden to purify the ground.

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